How Does God Feel About Me When I Screw Up?

This is Episode 92 of the Jesus Society Podcast, and today, I want to talk about how God views us when we screw up. My sense, after talking to lots and lots of people, is that many, many people still imagine — even in this age where we all supposedly understand grace — that God is still peering down at us over the bridge of his spectacles, largely disappointed with how we’re living up to his standards, and wishing we’d all just try a little harder and do a bit better.

So I have some things to say about all that. Join me today as we discuss:

1. The scope of the problem – mired in guilt, fear, and shame.

2. The sources of our guilt, fear, and shame.

3. How God really sees us.

4. Learning to see God as he really is (and not who we think he is). HINT – It’s all about Jesus.

5. Two stories illustrating how Jesus dealt with people who screwed up.

6. How God describes himself.

7. Understanding the complicated issue of sin.

8. Sinner or Slave? It makes a huge difference!


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Thanks for listening!

And remember, you are greatly loved.

Music and audio production by Nathan Longwell Music 


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