My name is Ron Longwell, and The Jesus Society is my term for the Kingdom oof God, a phrase rich with meaning, but often lost on modern Christians. It’s a society, a community, a family – with Jesus at our center. United by Jesus, we are his family, a family not defined by blood or race or nationality, but one defined by trust in and allegiance to Jesus. As such, we “are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal. 3:28).

Together, we are learning to rest in his love, to grow in trust, and to follow him. This family has a mission in the world – to bear God’s image before the world, functioning as agents of blessing in God’s good world, sowing love, peace, and justice in the midst of a world desperately in need of it.

Unity and holiness are our pursuits, two qualities that can only be maintained when they are held together by love.

We have a fierce devotion to the Christian Scriptures – the Old and New Testaments in their entirety. The Scriptures tell a marvelous story of God’s rescuing love worked out through a people for his own possession called Israel; a people he chose to be the agents through whom he would rescue and redeem and restore all of creation.

Along the way, we are learning to live with our weaknesses, and those of our brothers and sisters. We’re all on a journey, and are discovering the joys of relationship, renewal, and purpose in the Kingdom of God.

We invite you to join us.

My particular calling and ministry is relational and educational in nature. Most of us are used to sitting in a church and listening to sermons and classes. Those are fine and good, but real transformation happens in relationship. And education tends to happen best in dialogue, not just monologue. Most of us (myself included) have longed for a wise older brother, a loving father, a friend. I believe God has raised me up to be that kind of person for people. So I come alongside people (men usually), in a personal and relational way, as a fellow follower of Jesus. As a soul friend. Not as one with all the answers, but simply as one who might be just a few steps further down the road. Together, in a relationship of love and support, we encourage each other as we learn to follow Jesus. And as we walk with him and listen to him, we sort out the big issues of life and faith together. Sometimes these relationships are one-on-one, and sometimes in small groups of 3-5. People are not projects for me, they’re friends. Brothers. Sisters. Family. My job is not to “fix” anyone (as if I could do that anyway). It’s simply to nurture faith and hope in love. To extend God’s blessing and peace and justice and love in the lives of the people around me.

The second part of my ministry is the Jesus Society Podcast, which I produce each week. The podcast is an ongoing conversation exploring “relationship, renewal, and purpose in the Kingdom of God.” Currently, we have listeners in 35 states and 21 countries. All podcast episodes are posted in the blog as regular blog posts. You can also see the most recent ten episodes by clicking on the “Podcast” menu in the Menu Bar. The podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and just about everywhere else in the world where podcasts are available. I hope it blesses you.

“This podcast, so humble and approachable in presentation, is rich with soulful insight. It’s like a conversation with a trusted friend about deep matters that will transform our lives through spiritual formation. Ron’s style is relaxed and contemplative. His thoughtful reflections are like the experience of fishing on a slow river, reminding us to pause, breathe deep, and consider the depths that move below the gentle surface.”

Eddy Smith

“As a grateful member of two of his weekly men’s groups, I am constantly impressed by Ron’s humility as a leader and facilitator of the many tender, heartfelt conversations of encouragement we have each week. Ron is a man after God’s own heart, and his efforts are a boon to the Christian walk for everyone.”

Brenden Taylor