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The things I write and speak about here flow out of my desire to see people enjoy engaged relationships with Jesus, to learn to rest in his love, and to function as agents of God’s blessing, love, peace, and justice in their world. That’s my calling, my ministry. If the work we’re doing resonates with you and you’d like to support our ministry, there are a couple of ways you can do that:

Option #1: You can simply make a monetary donation in the amount of your choosing by clicking on, or taking a photo of the QR code below, which will allow you to donate using PayPal:

Option #2: Alternatively, you can purchase one of my photographic prints to hang in your home or office. I have been doing landscape photography for years now and have built up a collection of what I think are pretty nice images that you can see at If you purchase one of my prints, all of the proceeds will go to support my ministry.

Option #3: And finally, if you live in the middle Tennessee area, and need a good photographer, you can hire me. I do portraitsfood, editorial work, and have been known to photograph the occasional event. Again, all of the proceeds will go to support my ministry.

Just so we’re clear, my ministry is my calling. I enjoy photography, but photography is just one means I use to support my calling.

I don’t take lightly your generosity, and am grateful for whatever you choose to donate. And even if you can’t donate, or choose not to, I’m grateful for you and that you’re on the same God-journey as I am. In the end, it’s all about him!