Following Jesus in the 21st Century — Part 8: By This Everyone Will Know

This is Episode 87 of the Jesus Society Podcast. And today, we’re going to continue our series on Following Jesus in the 21st century, and in particular, looking at the importance and practice of love.

So join me today as we discuss:

  1. First Corinthians 13 — the love passage to end all love passages.
  2. How the list of love qualities in 1 Cor. 13:4-8 must be taken together; it’s a package deal.
  3. Understanding how agape came to be THE word to define Christian love.
  4. Love just isn’t easy to cultivate.
  5. Is love a rule, a principle, a calculated tactic, or a virtue?
  6. Love as the language of God’s future world, the music they make in God’s courts.
  7. John 13:35 and one of the greatest challenges we Christians face in living the love of God in our world, and how utterly important that we get this fixed.
  8. A urgent plea to loving Christian unity.


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Thanks for listening!

And remember, you are greatly loved.

Music and audio production by Nathan Longwell Music 


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