Following Jesus in the 21st Century — Part 5: Resurrection, Hope, & Purpose

This is Episode 84 of The Jesus Society Podcast.

For those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ, this is a significant time of year because at this time of year, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. And because this coming Sunday is Resurrection Sunday — Easter — I want to talk again about the resurrection of Jesus.

Join me today as we discuss:

1. Putting yourself in the story of Jesus’ resurrection.

2. Between Friday and Sunday: The disappointment, uncertainty, fear, despair, and hopelessness of the earliest Christians.

3. How the resurrection is THE sign that God is doing something new in the world.

4. How Jesus’ resurrection restores and fuels hope.

5. Becoming Resurrection People.

6. Living new-creation lives in an old world.

7. Some signposts of the New Creation.

The resurrection is more than just a doctrine. It’s an event and a person. With the resurrection of Jesus, a new day had dawned in the world.

Karl Rahner, in his book Everyday Faith, says that “Easter is not the celebration of a past event. The alleluia is not for what was; Easter proclaims a beginning that has already decided the remotest future. The Resurrection means that the beginning of glory has already started.”

And that means that God’s good world, including human beings, spoiled by hostile and destructive forces, is now going to be remade. And it started when Jesus walked out of that tomb.

Evil and darkness and despair do not have the last word.  The last word is  resurrection!!


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Resources for Today’s Show:

1. Justice in the Kingdom of God (

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