TJS Rewind – The Attraction of Christianity

Today’s episode is a TJS Rewind episode, originally recorded last year. I’m republishing it today because it provides some important background material for the episode I’m planning to release next week.

Today I want to delve into early church history a bit. I think studying church history is important. And here’s why: If you don’t understand where you’ve come from, you have no ability to critique where you are. So I want us to spend some time looking at what Christianity looked like and how it functioned within the broader society in the roughly 300 years after Jesus. AND how all that informs our faith and our lives with Jesus today.

Join me today as we discuss:

1. Christianity by the numbers – how much the early church grew and how fast.

2. How and why the early church grew.

3. What was the attraction in early Christianity.

4. Jesus, Origen, and being lights in the world.

5. The importance of virtue and friendship.

6. What is supposed to happen when the church gathers vs. what we think is supposed to happen.

7. Why people became Christians in the first century.

8. The importance of individual charity in the early church.

9. Is Christianity still attractive today?

10. Disaffiliated Christians today and what might be attractive to them. It’s not what you think.

11. Attractive Christians vs. attractive church services. They’re not the same thing.

12. The first time I went to church after giving my life to the Lord, and what it teaches us.

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Thanks for listening!

And remember, you are greatly loved.

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