TJS Podcast – Men of God, Part 3: Brenden’s Story (Episode 66)

Today we’re continuing our conversation about men and fathers, and the issues that conspire to keep us from being the men that God wants us to be in the world and for our families. And we’re having a conversation today with my friend Brenden Taylor.

The truth is that almost every man I know will admit privately that they’ve got a complicated relationship with their father, and that because that’s true, they’ve had a difficult time adjusting to adulthood, family life, fatherhood, work life, and the world in general. My friend is one of the few men I know who’s courageous enough to speak in a public format (like this podcast) about his own journey in that regard. And that’s why he’s joining us today.

I pray you find this conversation helpful.


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Thanks for listening!

And remember, you are greatly loved.

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