TJS Podcast – Men of God, Part 1: Growing Up Without a (Good) Father (Episode 64)

This is Episode 64 of The Jesus Society Podcast. Today I want to start a conversation about Men and Fathers and Families. This is something that’s been on my heart for a long time, and it’s probably something we’re going to talk about for the next few weeks. And as I look back on my life, most of my ministry has been men’s ministry. And in part, that’s because of my own journey as a man. And there’s a lot involved in that statement “my journey as a man.” I’m talking about becoming a grown-up, adult male in 21st century America. I’m talking about becoming a man of God. I’m talking about becoming and growing as a husband. And I’m talking about becoming and growing as a father.

That’s been a journey for me (as it is for most men). And that journey is not an easy one in modern-day America. And that’s true for a whole host of reasons.

So over the next few weeks, I want to unpack a lot of that. And we’re going to hopefully have some guests in to talk about that with.

Join me today as we discuss:

1. The crisis of men.

2. My own father, his issues, and my issues related to him and his issues.

3. Redemption and healing for me and my father.

4. What can be done about some of this?

5. Some new research about how faith is passed on in families and the crucial role fathers play in that.

6. Some real things parents can do for their kids


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And remember, you are greatly loved.

Music and audio production by Nathan Longwell Music 


Resources for Today’s Show:

1., and

2. Vern Bengtson, Norella M. Putney, and Susan Harris, Families and Faith: How Religion is Passed Down across Generations (Oxford University Press, 2017 —

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