TJS Podcast – What It Means to “Reign in Life” in Rom. 5:17 (Episode 63)

Today I want to try, in as succinct a way as I can, to explain a phrase Paul uses in Romans 5:17 that I think has caused a lot of confusion for folks.

Paul talks there about how Christians will “reign in life.” Now, if we just pull that phrase up off the page, and out of the context of Romans, not to mention out of the context of the whole rest of the Bible, and start thinking about what that phrase might mean (which is the way I think most of us usually try to understand unusual phrases in the Bible), we’re liable to come up with all sorts of wild ideas.

But we can do better than that, and that’s what I want to try and do today. And I’ve talked about this before, as astute listeners may remember, back in Episode 50, and in part, last year in Episode 2 and 3 (links below). But I want to try and tackle it again — because this has been an unfolding truth for me over the last year or so. And I continue to grow in my understanding of this. And it’s been life-changing for me.

I think this is a really big deal. And I think you’re really gonna like this.

Join me today as we try and understand how what Paul says in Romans 5:17-21 has deep ties back to creation and to God’s purpose for us in this world.


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Resources for Today’s Show:

1. Episode 50 — Back to the Garden (

2. Episode 2 — The Story of the Bible – Part 1: Why God Created Us (

3. Episode 3 — The Story of the Bible – Part 2: Creation and Chaos (

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